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Mindfulness, Meditation and Movement - the opportunity to transform your life.

The MMM Program is an evidence-based psychoeducational program that cultivates emotional well-being based on the foundations of mindfulness, meditation and movement. 

As a researcher, journalist and meditator, I believe that pain is inevitable but that suffering is optional.

Each moment we have an opportunity to awaken to our truest self and learn to live more presently and peacefully. Although we just can’t turn off our evolutionary switch and instantly experience well-being, we can learn to overcome our hardwiring. Training our brains, as well as cultivating positive new attitudes offers lifestyle and behavioral changes and promotes lasting benefits.  Science is just beginning to understand our brain’s neuroplasticity and brain imaging validates these changes: We can actually sculpt our miraculous 3-pound organ with meditation and mindfulness creating healthier and happier lives. 


Linda Janasz is a Transformational Personal and Professional Coach, Emmy award- winning producer, journalist, researcher and Experience Registered Yoga Teacher (EYT 200), and holds a PhD. She has created and teaches a program called Mindfulness, Meditation and Movement (MMM) that has helped thousands of people find balance in an unbalanced world. 

​For more information about upcoming MMM individual programs or to inquire about corporate sessions or coaching, email Linda@mindmedmove.com 

Transformation from the Inside Out